2018 Minutes and Program

Conference Program | Meeting Minutes

Dear COPIS Colleagues, 

#COPIS2018 at the University of Maine did not disappoint. To those who were unable to join us this year, we missed you and hope that you will join us next year at #COPIS2019 in Augusta, GA October 18th – 19th, 2019 (tentative dates). As my last act as your president, I write this email to update you on the organization and to share with you highlights from this year’s annual meeting, so please excuse this lengthy email.

First and foremost, a big shout out to Dr. Ian Mette from the University of Maine. He was the most gracious host, who planned and executed an amazing conference. Ian, thank you for all that you did to make this year’s conference so successful! We hope you are getting some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

Second, I’d like to highlight this year’s conference. We kicked off the meeting Friday afternoon with a graduate mentoring session led by Dr. Jenn Jacobs (University of South Florida). The session was well attended, and a sincere thank you to all of you who came to that session to support the doctoral students. COPIS has a longstanding tradition of nurturing the next generation of scholars of instructional supervision, and it is because of the commitment and dedication of our members that we successfully uphold that tradition. Following the graduate session, the conference kicked off with an informative keynote from colleague, Dr. Steve Gordon (Texas State University) who set the stage for thinking about supervision’s past, present, and future. Following Dr. Gordon was a panel of experts, Dr. Lee Goldsberry (retired, University of Southern Maine), Dr. Rebecca West Burns (University of South Florida), Dr. Helen Hazi (University of Pittsburgh), and Dr. Steve Gordon (Texas State University) who responded to a series of questions related to enduring concepts and ideas in supervision, their roles in influencing the field of instructional supervision, and thoughts for the future of instructional supervision. The evening concluded with recognizing this year’s Blumberg/Pajak Scholars, Jon Doty (University of Maine) and Steve Haberlin (University of South Florida).

As in true COPIS style, Saturday was jam-packed with several presentations and filled with engaging conversations that pushed all of our thinking to advance the field.  The day began with a bright and early bus ride from the hotel to the University of Maine. Riding the school bus brought back great memories, allowed us to connect with colleagues, and extended collegial conversations about supervision. We liked being able to see the University of Maine and we enjoyed the reflective time on the bus. During the day, we took a few moments to honor our colleagues, Art Blumberg and Ed Pajak, following the impressive presentations from Blumberg/Pajak scholars, Jon Doty and Steve Haberlin. Sharing stories about Art, Ed, and their influence on COPIS members was a powerful experience. Another highlight of the day was a guest virtual appearance from Dr. Noreen Garman who co-presented with Helen Hazi. It was truly amazing to be able to have Dr. Garman with us, and it inspired ideas for how we can get other emeritus members involved in future conferences. We ended the day with round tables from graduate students from Penn State University. Many thanks to all of you who volunteered to chair the sessions and help the day run so smoothly.

Finally, on Sunday, we kicked off the morning debriefing the conference by recognizing the tremendous efforts and success of Dr. Ian Mette and we generated ideas for consideration for 2019. Of most importance is the change of moving to two full days for the conference (all day Friday and Saturday) so that participants can travel on Thursday and Sunday, and so that we can get more participation from the membership at the Business Meeting, which will tentatively be held on Saturday morning for members. Dr. Zach Kelehear and Dr. Sheryl Cowart Moss are already working on the design for next year and we look forward to #COPIS2019 in Augusta, Georgia. Be on the lookout for more information about #COPIS2019.  

Highlights from the Business Meeting

Many thanks to Secretary, Dr. Sheryl Cowart Moss, who captured the attached minutes for us. Dr. Moss became the 2018-2019 COPIS President at the conclusion of this year’s meeting. Below are some highlights from the Business Meeting. 

1.     Congratulations to our newest member, Dr. Craig Willey (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis)! We are so excited to have you join the group!

2.     The COPIS officers for 2018-2019 include:

a.     Dr. Sheryl Cowart Moss, President

b.     Dr. Ian Mette, Secretary

c.      Dr. Kathleen Jorissen, Treasurer

3.     The 2018-2019 COPIS Committees include:

a.     Program Committee: Dr. Zach Kelehear (Chair), Dr. Don Beach, Dr. Sheryl Cowart Moss, Dr. Jenn Jacobs, and Dr. Ian Mette.

b.     Site Selection Committee: Dr. Kathleen Jorissen (Co-Chair), Dr. Brandon Butler (Co-Chair), and Dr. Zach Kelehear

c.      Membership Committee: Dr. Belinda Gimbert (Chair), Dr. Rebecca West Burns, Dr. Zach Kelehear

d.     Scholarship Committee: Dr. Jim Nolan (Co-Chair), Dr. Bernard Badiali (Co-Chair), Dr. Sheryl Cowart Moss

e.     Publications Committee: Dr. Sally Zepeda (Chair), Dr. Don Beach, Dr. Marla McGhee, Dr. Steve Gordon, and Dr. Sheryl Cowart Moss

f.      Nominations Committee: Dr. Rebecca West Burns (Chair), Dr. Susan Sullivan, and Dr. Marcia Knoll.

g.     Graduate Student Committee: Dr. Jennifer Jacobs (Chair), Dr. Don Beach, Dr. Brandon Butler, and Dr. Steve Gordon

4.     At the discretion of the President and with support from those at the business meeting, two new ad-hoc committees were appointed:

a.     Ad-Hoc Constitution Committee: Dr. Lee Goldsberry (Chair), Dr. Marcia Knoll, Dr. Belinda Gimbert, Dr. Diane Yendol-Hoppey, Dr. Sheryl Cowart Moss, and Dr. Don Beach. The charge of the committee is to review the Constitution and propose revised language to reflect the current state of the organization.

b.     Ad-Hoc Web Site Committee: Dr. Rebecca West Burns (Chair), Dr. Lisa Reigel, Dr. Marla McGhee, Dr. Brandon Butler, and Dr. Jenn Jacobs. The charge of the committee is to revise the content to accurately reflect the state of the organization for the content migration to the new web site platform.

5.     Our web site is going to get a little makeover. The membership approved the migration of the content to a new hosting site that will be more secure, allow us to manage updates, and permit only payment of dues. Please remember to send your dues to Dr. Kathleen Jorissen if you have not done so already.

6.     With membership, we have two exciting items to report. The first is that we approved a graduate student membership category for the reduced cost of $10 per year. Graduate students must be sponsored by a member-in-good-standing of COPIS. Second, we approved an increase in our regular membership dues to $75 as of January 1, 2019.

7.     The Journal of Educational Supervision (JES) is up and running. Please share about this journal with other organizations and consider submitting your own work. Contact Dr. Ian Mette if you are interested in becoming more involved with the journal. The Publications Committee will be working over the next year to pursue a more formalized relationship with JES. Also, be on the lookout for a call for proposals from Dr. Laura Baecher and Dr. Rebecca West Burns for our first special issue of JES focused on supervision in clinically based teacher education.

8.     Finally, we agreed that we would like to hold business meetings more than once a year. In the past, the second meeting was traditionally held at UCEA but not all of our members attend that conference. Instead, we are planning on holding a virtual business meeting in 2019 probably in the late spring in addition to our normal business meeting at the annual meeting of COPIS. 

Overall, we had a wonderful weekend at this year’s conference and business meeting. It has been my pleasure to serve as your president over the past year, and as I pass the baton to Dr. Sheryl Cowart Moss for her presidency, I am confident that the organization is in excellent hands. I look forward to continued participation in the organization and the work that we will continue to do to support instructional supervision. Have a wonderful week and a fantastic year!