2019 Minutes and Program

Business Meeting Minutes

April 15, 2019

via Zoom

Members Attending: Sheryl Cowart Moss, Ian Mette, Kathleen Jorissen, Robert Sox, Patricia Guerra, Craig Willey, Brandon Butler, Jennifer Jacobs, Marla McGhee, Belinda Gimbert, Marcia Knoll, Zach Kelehear, Helen Hazi, Sheila Kahrs, Jim Kahrs, Sally Zepeda, Mary Lynne Derrington, Rose Rudnitski 

1. Call to Order

Dr. Sheryl Cowart Moss called the meeting to order at 10:06 AM. Members expressed appreciation to Dr. Ian Mette for hosting the virtual meeting.  Members commented on the excitement of being able to meet with COPIS members in the spring through a virtual meeting.

2. Membership Committee

Dr. Belinda Gimbert gave an overview of the membership committee report.  She noted that the committee has been working hard to update active membership, including some members who wanted to be removed from COPIS for personal/professional reasons, and some who want to return.  She also noted that there are five applications for membership that will be approved in October 2019. 

Questions about what should occur with an active regular members who has not paid dues recently but wants to return to COPIS were raised.  Dr. Jim Kahrs shared that in the past people have always been welcomed back in when they have reached out.  Dr. Sally Zepeda confirmed the practice.  Dr. Kathleen Jorissen stated she would will draft some language around how this practice might work.  She noted that updated membership procedures will be offered at the October 2019 meeting.

Dr. Gimbert reviewed that COPIS currently has 33 regular members and 42 emeritus members.

3. Publication Committee

Dr. Mette gave an overview and updated on the Journal of Educational Supervision (JES).  He noted that the goal of JES is to be the premier peer-reviewed journal in educational supervision.  JES is an open-access journal with digital object identifier (DOI) capability, which is necessary in the age of online publication.  With DOI JES is able to track the number of downloads for each publication.  Specifically, JES uses PlumX and Altmetric to track how much an article has been shared online, through Twitter, readers on Mendeley, news outlets or blogs, and citations in other publications.  This past year JES averaged roughly a 30%-40% acceptance rate, which is fairly decent and likely comparable to a mid-tier journal.  Additionally, there are currently 9 published articles through JES.

Dr. Mette also shared that JES has had over 1,000 downloads in the past year.  This is a huge accomplishment in terms of helping increase access to supervision scholarship.  The goal, Dr. Mette shared, is to actively recruit well-formed research and conceptual papers from COPIS, AERA, and UCEA (and other conferences) that will further the field of supervision.  Currently, JES has six categories, which include a) conceptual papers, b) empirical research papers, c) developing scholarship papers, d) connecting theory to practice papers, e) addressing equity papers, f) and intersection of supervision and evaluation papers.  

4. Program Committee Report

Dr. Zach Kelehear provided an overview of the proposed 2019 COPIS program, which Dr. Kelehear stated should be available in the next couple of weeks.  Dates for the 2019 COPIS meeting, which will be held in Augusta, Georgia, will be October 17-20.  The title of the 2019 conference is: Portraits of Supervision: Celebrating Our Legacy, Understanding Our Present, and Embracing Our Future.  Dr. Kelehear noted that Dr. Zepeda and Dr. Cowart Moss have been very helpful in planning the conference.

Dr. Kelehear shared that a location (Augusta Marriott Hotel and Convention Center) has been secured.  He noted that using the model from Maine last year the committee is in the final stages of developing the call for proposals.  There will also be a similar call for graduate students.  The goal is to have people to come in on Thursday to help young and developing scholars on what it takes to be published as a supervision scholar.  There would then be all day Friday and Saturday presentations, with no Sunday presentations.  The conference would follow the tradition of Friday dinner together, Saturday night dinner on your own, Sunday breakfast as you go out the door.

Dr. Kelehear also discussed the possibility of a book-ended business meeting, possibly on Thursday night/Friday morning for actionable items that would impact the 2019 COPIS meeting and then second part on Sunday morning.  The review of the program committee report ended with a conversation about how we might get more of our emeritus members involved.  Dr. Zepeda mentioned she had been in contact with Dr. Gerry Firth who might attend the meeting.  A brief conversation was had about how people will reach out to different emeriti to honor 1st and 2nd generation scholars.

5. Treasurer’s Report

Dr. Jorissen provided a review of the treasurer’s report.  Some items of note include that collected dues increase from an estimated amount of $750 to $1,125, that website development was lower than expected (dropped from $1,500 to $750), and that Dr. Jorissen proposed increasing the number of scholarships from two at $500 to three at $500 for the upcoming year.  Additionally, Dr. Jorissen provided information about needing to budget for web hosting fees of $30/month instead of $20/month, and that we would need to budget for an ongoing website domain fee.  She also noted that there is a $1,500 line item for JES to use for indexing purposes once the journal qualifies for indexing.

Dr. Jorissen also led COPIS members in a conversation about a variety of topics, including feasibility of becoming tax deductible (large process perhaps not worth the cost), whether COPIS should consider an auditing process (general consensus was that COPIS is too small), and that currently COPIS has not moved forward with collecting dues electronically (there would be too much work and a lot of red tape).  Dr. Jorissen moved to approve the budget update and Dr. Gimbert seconded the move.  The update passed unanimously. 

6. COPIS Website and Media Presence

Dr. Cowart Moss presented on behalf of Dr. Rebecca West Burns.  There were some technical issues with displaying the website, however a number of improvements have been made.  There is an active link to the 2019 COPIS conference, as well as hotels, registration, and a proposal portal.  There is also information about the guest speaker, Dr. Philip Lanoue, who was the 2015 AASA National Superintendent of the Year.  Additionally, there was a link to the Blumberg/Pajak Scholarship.  A recap of recent meetings (2018, 2017, and 2016) were also available.  For more information, please visit https://www.copis.org/.

7. Report from the Ad Hoc Constitution Committee

Dr. Cowart Moss presented on behalf of Dr. Lee Goldsberry.  Much of the language updates were about the following:

  • Allowing the COPIS treasurer to conduct business on behalf of COPIS and report back to group during business meeting

  • Updating the ability to have a virtual meeting rather than in person

  • Quorum needed (25% of active members) to decide on constitutional updates

  • Minutes to be sent out to COPIS members no later than two months after the meeting

  • Information on how COPIS can be dissolved if voted on by 2/3 of active members

  • No more than $11,500 shall be maintained in operating funds 

8. New Business 

A.   Discussion and Vote on Constitution

There was a general discussion among COPIS members about updating language regarding emeritus status.  Dr. Helen Hazi had questions for the group about language about welcoming people back, and more specifically if the intent of the language and how it relates to removing people from either list (active or emeritus).  Dr. Jorissen reported that some of the new language is related to some emeritus members have been asked to be removed, while others want to remain but can’t travel because they are located outside of the country.  Dr. Gimbert added that this is also about keeping an accurate membership record about communication, and that COPIS small enough to have to communicate individually but not to maintain records accurately online.  Dr. Hazi noted she felt the burden should be on the individual, not COPIS.  Dr. Hazi also brought up the fact that the AERA Supervision and Instructional Leadership SIG has a number of ‘transients’ that are similar to COPIS, so there might be some cross collaborative structures on how COPIS works to address these issues

A motion to approve was made by Dr. Jim Kahrs.  Dr. Kelehear seconded the motion.  It was a unanimous approval to update the constitution.

B.    Preparation for October 2019 in Augusta, GA

A very brief discussion was led by Dr. Cowart Moss about preparation for the 2019 COPIS conference.  Those interested in celebrating individuals should reach out to Dr. Kelehear.  Calls should be sent out shortly.  Dr. Jennifer Jacobs will be sending out a Graduate Student call as well.

C.   Blumberg-Pajak Scholars

A very brief discussion was led by Dr. Cowart Moss Blumberg-Pajak Scholars nominations.  Those interested in nominating individual students should reach out to Dr. Bernard Badiali and Dr. Jim Nolan.  Calls should be sent out shortly.

D.   Call for Proposals for October 2019

A very brief discussion was led by Dr. Cowart Moss about the Call for Proposals for the 2019 COPIS conference.  Calls should be sent out shortly.


Kindly submitted,

Ian M. Mette, PhD

COPIS Secretary