Portraits of Supervision:  2019 Call for Proposals

Celebrating our Legacy, Understanding our Present, Embracing our Future


Building on last year’s conference theme in Maine, Considering the Destiny of Instructional Supervision, at this year’s conference in Augusta, Ga., we want to consider our history, our present, and our future.  Put differently, we will take time to celebrate the legends of the COPIS intellectual community, the emerging research under way, while also envisioning our future for the field.  

As such we invite three types of investigations:

  1. Papers that might speak to the legacy of COPIS scholars and thus offer us a reflective work on an individual, an idea, or an organization

  2. Papers that reveal current investigations (both completed and in-process) of supervision practice

  3. Papers that are emerging, developing and are likely to be future-oriented, innovative, or exploratory

Format for presentations might include research posters, roundtable discussions, panel forums, or individual papers.